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Treatments One, Two, Three

As I write this, I am facing my 4th treatment tomorrow. I've had 3 so far and I could not be more pleased with how things are going. I have had no serious side effects, besides exhaustion and a dull hangover feeling a few days after treatment. My brain feels fuzzy at times and I get scattered very easily and feel disconnected. I have some small memory issues where I can't come up with words or remember names. I have not felt nauseous once, I am maintaining my weight, I still have an appetite and my full range of taste buds, I haven't gotten sick besides a small cold, and I have been hitting the gym, playing squash on occasion, and working as much as possible. I do have to listen to my body better and realize when I need to stop. It is a hard transition to feel like I want to do things, but have to refuse because my body gets super tired very quickly. I am DYING to get on my mountain bike, but the risks of crashing and creating some undue stressors on my body at the moment are outweighing my cravings.


For my first treatment, I had the honor of having my favorite sister with me. We packed up all of my voodoo and trinkets and charms that people have sent me. We brought all my meditation guides, journals, oracle cards, and mantras. We brought our own healthy snacks, lunch, drinks, and plenty of reading. I had so much stuff in my chair I think the other people there thought we were f-ing insane. That, on top of the fact that we were so cheery in such a sad environment really made us stand out.

The "Pod" is a big room with about 6-7 Lazy Boy chairs in a circle, complete with IV towers, TVs, and a guest chair for each. There is a huge bank of windows that show off a very pretty garden/walking area with trees and fountains that we can go out to when the weather is nice. I will just drag my IV tower (my dance partner) with me and hang out in nature. The treatment involves accessing my "Porty Porty Whaaat?" to draw blood to check my levels of everything in my body and infuse me with not so delicious "juices" for about 5 hours. Each of my 4 chemicals has its own IV bag and goes in one at a time. I don't feel much, but I do get a rather metallic taste in my mouth. I need to use the bathroom quite often as my liquid ingestion is through the roof.

I did my meditating and Mandy graded papers. Julia was a mench and answered all of my bazillion questions. Time actually went by faster than I thought. Sad musings were seeing all of the other patients coming and going, most with not so fun expressions on their faces and certainly more serious forms of cancer than I have. I'm betting many of them don't have the support that I do either, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually. I am really fucking lucky.


I feel like I am really lucky here some more. Had the pleasure of my mom being there for these two treatments. It's very nice having her living with me for a couple weeks - keeping me company and keeping the good food coming. I have been introduced to the British Baking Show, and more importantly, Miss Fishers Mysteries. I am seeing a pattern of my treatments more clearly now, and the exhaustion is more prevalent. The first week is generally good until Thursday, then I'm tired and knocked out, then back in the saddle by Sunday and off to a pretty normal week. The metal taste in my mouth is more defined, and I often feel like I have a dull hangover - which is bullshit because I didn't get to earn it with a big night out. Haven't been on the sauce in quite some time now. Keeping the temple clean, and actually not minding it. I don't think I've gone 6 months without drinking since I was 15. Think about it.

Julia, Goddess and Drug Pusher A sampling of my voodoo The garden view

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