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Billy Michels is a Mid-Atlantic-based photographer. Michels began taking pictures as a child and has been capturing life through photographs for over thirty-five years.

Whether creating a corporate brand piece, or capturing images of school children in the Amazon rainforests, he offers the viewer the opportunity to see a unique moment of life. He is deeply moved by his world travels throughout six continents and holds the intention of conveying global awareness through his work. His vision is to evoke an emotion, tell a story, or simply make someone smile.

His style and perspective is inspired by world renowned photo journalists and photographers, and has studied under John Dark of the Brooks Institute of Photography, and John Isaac, former Chief of Photography for the United Nations.  


While Michels’ eye and creative talent set him apart, what is most extraordinary is his ability to instill a level of comfort and ease in his subjects, making people feel they can be themselves. He never goes anywhere without bringing the fun.


He captures the world with an authenticity of the natural environment.

Michels’ work has been published and exhibited throughout the North East region of the United States as well as winning several awards.

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