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Porty Porty Whaaat? And Chemo Ed.

Becoming a marsupial, about to get my port

I am now a marsupial. So in order to efficiently get the chemo into my system, my friends at Franklin Square have literally inserted a "port" just under my skin on my upper chest. It's like my little joey under there just waiting to get stuck by the nurses every other week. It helps with not having to find a vein in my arm all the time, and get get more fluid faster directly into my big veins. I chose to have the procedure without sedation and only local anesthesia which perplexed the nurses but entertained the surgeon. I did this last year as well with a colonoscopy, really freaked out that staff. I mean honestly, it's uncomfortable and a tad painful, but we need to get back in touch with our pain and learn to embrace it and deal with it. We numb out on everything, we need to stay connected. And well, I also like to see and experience what the hell is going on with me. I also hate the hangover from being under. And I like a challenge.

In Chemo Class. That's Julia with the double thumbs.

After getting my port, I had "Chemo Ed". Yep, a chemo class to prep me for the next 6 months of my life. What to expect, how I'm probably going to feel, how to manage shit, how to organize stuff, phone numbers, directions, etc. The class was only mildly entertaining, but I did get to meet my new best friend Julia who is my primary bartender for my bi-weekly cocktails.

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